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Monday, March 12, 2007


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nazi Protest march

It was a blast. A protest, and real Nazis just a block away from our apartment. In case the impact isn't really getting thru...try this...the !!!!!*****NAZIS.****!!!! noe,...they did kill a couple million Jews 60 years ago...those F**kers.

The National Socialist Movement/ Neo-Nazis took the streest of columbia today. This quiet, peaceful college town, the street i walk along 2-3 times a week. Right in front of my door step. The hype has been going on for about a week and today was THE day. this is gonna be the 1st frekin protest/rally/march/drama-mama thing I'll see. But c'mon i was scared going into it since well these people pretty much hate all coloured people and two asian girls accompied by white guys do seem like the perfect equation for "blasphamy"...Whoooo. And these people did cause a 4 hour riot in some other state they protested in. seriously, we had no idea if they were armed but they were known to leave their arms in the car when they march.

Anywae we had to skip the 1st part of our field trip to Jefferson City today to watch the Nazis but that was totally worth it. I mean this is worth Jeff city anyday, hand down. Who wants to see that scruffy capitol building for the hundredth time...

We had a Jingo lunch and tot we might be late for the march. We parked far away so that Ryan's car doesn't get messed up in the chaos and walked straight into our susposed "hiding place". Right...stupidest thing ever...this garage we thought was prize viewing spot turned out to be starting point of the march and they f**king Nazis were congregating there. Bam! walked straight into the action. Wasn't very lucky huh. But seriously later on we found out that was no big deal at all and ended up following the march and snapping pictures in their face.

You wanna see what fascism looks like. there you go in the face.

Anyway it was all like a big the whole town was there and there were like 10 people (or less) in the protagonists side and there were like hundreds of journalists and cameras and crowd and a honestly quite impressive "police presence". Riot polices, horseback police, choppers, tanks, i swear we might even have seen a sniper. Wtf...this was good man. Anyway it was all fantastic photo opp. I didn't even pay attention to what those people were shouting or what their stupid message was i was too busy taking my precious photos so that you people at home can see. It was FUN, like when i said it's fun i mean it. so freakin exciting. I even met a couple fo KOMU people.

A procession, big hoo-ha ha ha over nothing. HOt air. But fun. super entertaining we even thought it was worth skipping shopping at the cheap outlet mall at the lake for it. But in the end we went and bought loads of stuff. Cheap branded things...

well...I'm kinda tired I'll post the photos at my own sweet time and then post the link all very soon...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gee, another absolutely EXCITING day at work...ok sarcarsm doesn't work quite as well over a computer screen as I would like it. I'm feeling so lazy at work today I just shadowed someone, like i didn't even bother to ask if i could photog.

I'm really waiting for it to happen...but it's not. "IT" refers to something I know and you reading this don't. Happy guessing.

I'm so pissed off with my friend. I totally have no right to because he's doing me a big favour and it's WRONG in everyway to be angry at someone just because they refuse to help you...right? Argh...I'm so angry at myself so being such a selfish brat. But I don't think I wanna be on talking terms with him for the time being...I'm just so pissed i don't care!!!!

Maybe I should do something happy tonight...but WHAT....argh so bored...can tell right..I'm using words no longer than 2 syllabus...k...except "syllabus". did i spell that right...gosh i'm such a bad speller. This is warped...i wanna go home and sleep...get out of the stupid office. If I hadn't fell out with my friend I would totally be calling him for a ride now...wat the hell I'm not going to.

I think i'm getting fat. How do you stay skinny and eat at the same time...I'm getting a tummy. hate it...ok that's it i need to bitch on my other blog I can't be no goody two shoes again...ciao.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

finally one more entry

gosh...i've been here so long I'm starting to feel the complications of life again.

When we all started out it's just new stuff and more new stuff, we just wanna take in so much for a sec we're not really living, we're watching a screen run before us on rollers.

Now though, i feel like i have a life here, filled with ups and downs and problems and complications and characters, like the way i was when i was home. and it's time to deal again. deal with stuff. stop being a tourist. Work isn't exactly good up till now, i'm still looking for a breakthrough. Friends, i'm worried i may be making some pretty good ones whom i might find hard to say goodbye when the time comes.

that's the thing with living, it's a whole package. How can you be detached from it when you're the center of everything. like having 2 feet stuck in the middle of a 100 feet sinking mudpool, and kinda baking half caked in the blistering sun, going neither here nor there.

i have a feeling i won't go back the same person i was. New name, new perspectives, new aptitudes, new attitudes. Lot's of things i'm gonna want to hang on.

How are my favourite people doing in Singapore. same as usual. i don't know, i'm too far to know. Oh my God it makes me sad. And the stuff i try to send back don't seem to reach anyone.

I went skiing last here...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

the latest on the job

acutally i can't call it "on the job" since technically i haven started actually DOING any work. while the reporters are burning their asses off finishing their story for the deadline i am kinda looking on the side with absolutely nothing to do. and whether they finish their stuff or not is all their business, so it's not in my interest to care either. but then again, as much as i LOVE to do my own story, i can't cos i can't f***ing drive.'s driving (stupid puns just pop up in my face) me nuts just thinking about it. And maybe when i really get to do my own story i'll fall apart from all the pressure. just fantasizing.

Ok i should document what happened over the past 3 days...i'm getting lazy here and i can't believe some people stopped reading. wed i went to a super boring forum which i fell asleep at (i can't believe i did that too), but despite the sucky story i met my golden girl (finally) Laura who's like super nice to me...kinda reminds me of May Ann. Thurs i went with Jen to cover a a crime story....hmmmzz. then today i went with jason again to do tragedy stuff. jason is like the greatest reporter ever. i mean there are probably thousands out there better than him but he's passionate, intense, smart...or should i say super smart and has the senses of a hound. oh and superb editing sense. ok that sounds too good to be true but yes, i do think so and so from thus on i shall make him my role model.

well actually somebody offered to help me photograph so i might actually get a chance to report, since well...that person will double up as driver. *pray*

ok i know this stuff are like kinda dry. it's just not ok to bitch here anymore because seriously some big mouth gave away this address to a couple of relatives and i don't want to cuss in front to the people who shouldn't be hearing it. well i do have another blog you noe *wink*

komu has live trucks, and i've been to 2 live shots. they were kinda cool.

and i went to this neighbourhood which looked like wisteria lane...from desperate housewives...i've got a picture.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

haw. isn't this wierd.

bak home i was like, it's not 2 am yet, i wun sleep. here, i wanna go to bed the minute i get home. but there are a ton of stuff standing my my way. there's the dishes to do(i pretty much do all of it cos er herm, someone else just won't) , i have to bathe, work on the computer for a while, wait for my hair to dry, wash my clothes. I give in. I so tired. but i really appreciate how much my mom does around the house even though she's all tired(i mean you're bound to be) getting off work. Pretty much EVERYTHING that goes towards making the daily functioning of the 3 other lazy people possible, is her 'responsibility'. See how scary that 'everything' word there is, i bolded it so that you know how sick in the stomach i feel just thinking about how selfish i was whicle i was at home (singapore).

Cos i pretty much feel like i'm in her shoes here. Sunday night i took out what looked like 1 week or so worth of trash cos my other flatmates just wun. Seriously i don't noe how people contend with that kinda mess, argh, thinking about it just makes me dizzy. Anyway, that wasn't a very nice experience, cos you've ter walk out into the freaking cold night to dump stuff. And out of the 3 times the trash has been cleared around the apartment, I did it twice.

i don't know which part of my stupid, elitist, self centered brain tells me that it's ok to not lift a finger and do an ounce of work bak in my singapore home. i'm gonna disintegrate that with some super acidic soda while i'm here. And because somebody cleans up after you out of love doesn't mean they necessarily have to. Allowing that to happen is in itself a betrayal of that love. gosh, now i really feel bad about my mom.

ahhhh....problems...they suck...up the world

tues....4 more to go

Aw, i totally regretted not bringing my camera out today. we went to jefferson city, capital city of missouri, interviewed a senator (wwoooohh), and then went the other way of the spectrum to loose creek, a small farm town (well i should say small cos they do own a lot of farmland, but the population is like...i not sure they even have a thousand people, like there were a few small neighboorhoods you can see from one end to another, that's all) We kinda took a wrong route so i got to drive through rocky country tracks(seriously), and see meandering rivers and cows on the side, and all the quaint country houses (i would personally call them shacks) along the way. it was absolutely sweet!

Well then again, it was a loooonnnnng day man. Actually we just came nack from the rec center where we sat in the sauna room with all our clothes on. haha. some of our ambassadors took us.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The woes of a tv journalist

my first day at work and i got the biggest shock of my life.

ok, maybe not the biggest, but definately wasn't very pleasant.

Well i dun wanna put it that way either cos i got to do (and watch and learn) some pretty amazing stuff.

Ok so this was really one of those best and worst days thing. i start with the bad stuff (which always feature prominently in my blog anyway thank yew)

the people at KOMU weren't the friendliest bunch of people on the earth. at least not to strangers...or new comers. I swear there was this girl who stared at me pretty fiendishly. And ahhhh....everyone is like so preoccupied with their own work, or their own self, or their own happy little world, that nobody has the altruism to throw some concern my way.

aw C'mon i'm just a poor lil international student who's scared on the first day of work!

Ok, and then the whole day i was shadowing this reporter, who was apparently having one of the most extreme reporting shifts ever, and didn't get to eat or drink anything on the way. he was so busy i swear i didn't see him use the bathroom the whole day. So you bet it was tiring. for me oso! I think he was really spent by all of that at the end of the day. cos it was like a pressure cooker literally and along the way i tot he was kinda psyche and nervous, and had to work with such a tight deadline. I couldn't do that for nutz man.

and not to mention we had a 12 hour shift today. 8 to 8. Actually it was more than than, 13 hr maybe. sucks. but it didn't feel that long cos he was so busy and stuff. But i got kinda bored watching. ahah.

and it was soooo cold. ffffffffff. i almost die-ed out there. where got place in the world so bloddy cold one, the stupid wind chills.

Snow is like good if it's not cold. ok bullshit!

How for the good part of today. (drumroll)

For one, Jason is a bloody good journalist. I truely believe that from the bottom of my heart. He's professional, careful, confident, and good with AVID XPRESS !!!! and not to mention he can drive, which of cos is one skill that i would love to haf. wAAAAH i feel like a 3 year old kid...can't drive!

okie...KOMU is not very rich and most of the reporters are students, so they pretty much do everyting themselves. If i wasn't shadowing jason today he would be pretty much doing everything from shooting, interviewing, filming his own stand ups, write his own scipt, edit his own vid, and drive his own van. WAH LAO is the two words. Ok since i wasn't much help he pretty much did all that. gosh.

avid isn't something i excel in and now i'm really panickin. since i'll probably need to edit something in like half and hour. seriously i don't know if i could even get the program started in half an hour. Si liao. wAAAhhh (wail). but jason is seriously good at it, well he has to. seriously i never seen someone edit something and voice it over soo fast. maybe oneday i'll be as good.

anyway...that was a distracting. i was going to say that he did 3 live shots today, you noe like live from a location, the anchor intro you and you go live liddat. so i gotta see the live truck and all that stuff.

the story was headline news

so that was my first day. we'll see wat happens on the 2nd.

missing home already....

ps. ok, thanks for getting to the end of this horrificly long and boring post. You're a real fren. But i know how bad a blogger i've been recently, you must understand the self censorship sia...i've got another better blog though.(wink) mail me.